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m920 FAQ

edited December 2015 in m920 Setup and Use
Here we will address some of the common questions and problems that users encounter. We plan to update this discussion regularly as questions come-in.

MANUAL: Many answers can be found in the manual. Some answers will refer to the manual. Please find the manual here:

USB 1 and USB 2: Our intent is to make the m920 immediately plug-and-play for as many users as possible. Because MS Windows does not include a native USB 2.0 audio class driver, we ship the m920 configured for USB 1 operation. USB 1 audio class is supported natively by MS Windows, Apple OSX and recent versions of iOS as well as many versions of Linux. USB 1 permits sample rates up to 96kHz/24 bits. To access higher sample rate operation you must change the setting to USB 2. Please refer to the manual page 18, section "SELECTING USB CLASS 1 OR USB CLASS 2".
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