Grace Design Newsletter - Summer 2012

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Subject: Grace Design Newsletter - Summer 2012
Date: June 8th 2012

Summer is right around the corner. No more winter coats, scraping ice off windshields, or plowing driveways. We feel like celebrating! So, we're offering up some sizzling rebates on our lineup of preamp and monitoring system products. This offer is good for gear purchased from your friendly authorized Grace Design dealer (US customers only please) from June 8th, 2012 thru July 31st 2012. To claim your rebate, simply mail the following to us:

This completed rebate form (please print this page to fill out)
A copy of the original invoice from your dealer
A completed copy of your Warranty Registration card

Please indicate the product(s) you'd like a rebate on from the list below:

Qty Product Rebate Amount
___ m101 or m102 > $25.00
___ m501 or m502 > $25.00
___ m103 > $30.00
___ m201 > $50.00
___ m201 w/AD option > $75.00
___ m801 > $100.00
___ m802 > $125.00
___ m802 w/AD option > $175.00
___ m903 > $35.00
___ m906 > $200.00
___ m906 w/AES loop and downmix options > $225.00

Name: _________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: __________________________________________________
Phone: ________________________________________________________
Email: _________________________________________________________
Product serial #: _________________________________________________
Purchase date: __________________________________________________
Name of dealer: _________________________________________________

Mail Completed Rebate Documents to:
Grace Design
PO Box 204
Boulder, CO. 80301

Rebate offer good only on new Grace Design products purchased from June 8th, 2012 thru July 31st, 2012 from an Authorized Grace Design dealer. Rebate will only be issued if the required documents listed above are completed in full and received by us no later than thirty (30) days past the date of purchase. This offer is subject to verification of purchase by Grace Design. Grace Design dealers and their employees are not eligible for this offer. Rebate offer is valid only for USA customers. Void where prohibited by law. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of rebate.

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