model 801 eight channel microphone preamplifier


The model 801 was one of the first 8 channel mic preamps. Introduced in 1994, it was in production for 12 years. They almost never come back for repairs and they're almost never on Ebay. In service around the world, the model 801 is our legacy and a testament of our commitment to inspired, quality design. The model 801 was updated as the m801.

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model 201 two channel microphone preamplifier


The 2 channel chip off the 8 channel mic preamplifier block. The model 201 was in production for 12 years as well, and found its way into hundreds of world class recording studios. This classic was updated as the m201.

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model 101 single channel microphone preamplifier


In 2000, we helped soothe everbody's Y2K fears by introducing a fabulously high performance, very affordable single channel mic preamplifier. It helped - the world didn't end, and thousands of people were able to discover how exciting it can be to hear a microphone through our preamplifier. It was updated in 2008 as the m101, with few key improvements.

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model 801r remote controlled microphone preamplifier


The model 801r was way, way ahead of its time. When we set out to develop a technology that could enable the remote control of our mic preamplifier, it was generally dismissed as a bit niche. But the idea finally caught on and while the model 801r earned a modest fan base, its replacement, the m802, has now been widely installed in many of the finest studios and performance facilities in the world.

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model 901 reference headphone amplifier

A famous recording engineer / Grace Design customer had an immediate need for a very high quality headphone amplifier for a session he was starting. We agreed to build him one and in the process of nailing down the design and the features we realized it was something that had a tangible appeal. We started small with this one - we figured an initial production run of 50 units would last a while. But as soon as people heard their mixes through the model 901, it just simply took off. Its been carefully updated as the m902, which enjoyed an even greater following.

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m902 reference headphone amplifier / DAC

Ahh, the m902. This little guy had a USB input. Didn't seem like a big deal at the time. We thought it wold be handy to be able to bypass the lame DAC's and outtput circuitry on our desktop computers to listen to our ripped cd collection. A lot of folks were having the same idea, and this really helped birth a whole new product catagory of hi quality computer playback hardware. You will note that around this time we changed our product naming convention from the 'model X0X to 'mX0X'. Funny story why. Well, not funny at the time, but tragedy + time = comedy. We were told by a certain large consumer audio company who shall go unnamed but who's name rhymes with 'POSE', that the 'model X0X' was a trademark infrigement. We beleived them, too, cause they had lawyers who said so, and who are we to argue with the LAW? Hence - m902.

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m903 reference headphone amplifier / DAC

Then, the m903. By the time this one came along - hi resolution computer audio playback was a real thing, and the m903 was one of the very best solutions around to help folks do it. And do it they did. And continue to do. Truly a hall of fame product if there was ever one.

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m904 stereo monitor controller

Talk about being ahead of your time. We basically designed and built the UBER controller for professional studios. And it was expensive. And worth it. We sold plenty of them., And there are still many of them in the world quietly making audio engineers lives better. But it never really got its due, until we re-imagined it as the m905, which reamins one of our companies very best selling products ever. So the m904 laid the groundwork for the m905. It was the consumate team player. While the m905 gets the slow-mo, flash bulb, photo finish slam-dunk glory, the m904 gets the assist. He was the domestique, toweling off and going home to a nice meal and an early bed. Gotta love that guy.

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Lunatec V2 portable DC powered microphone preamplifier


The Lunatec V2 was another on of our "it pays to listen" stories. We originally built a run of DC powered portable stereo mic preamplifiers way back in the early 90's, before we were even Grace Design. Well, the 50 preamps became the subject of a great cult legend in the live concert taping world. At the urging of a taper colleague and after further investigation into the truth of the legend, we decided to make this a bona fide offering. Chances are, if you're at a rock concert that allows taping, there's at least one V2 passing signal. When we revised this as the Lunatec V3, the legend continued to grow, and now the little blue front panels are everywhere live music is being recorded.

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Lunatec V3 portable microphone preamplifier with ADC

Well, every good thing must come to an end. And so, as portable recording technology continued to evolve, the damand for the little Lunatec mic preamplifier slowly waned. So quietly and unceremoniously the last Lunatec V3 rolled off the line in late 2011. The cult remains strong, though, and every now and then somebody calls, incedulous that we quit making what has come to be regarded as the finest portable mic pre ever built. One thing we know - there are still many thousands of V3's still out there recordign stuff. Cool.

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