Reference Headphone Amplifier / DAC / Monitor Controller

the m902 has now been redesigned as the m903 (click here for complete details!)

Where Hi-Fi meets Hi-End. Simply plug in your favorite headphones, cue up your best reference tracks and get ready to hear, literally, what you’ve been missing - courtesy of the m902 reference headphone amplifier.

At the core of the m902 is our audiophile, high-current transimpedance amplifier circuitry, which effortlessly drives even the lowest impedance headphones and provides the high-resolution and low-level ambient detail for which all our products are famous. This circuitry makes familiar recorded material become at once transparent and alive, while critical details in editing and mastering become obvious and easy to manipulate.

Professionals and audiophiles alike are continually floored by the m902’s high performance 24bit/192kHz DAC, which includes our unique s-Lock™ dual stage PLL (Phase Lock Loop) for extremely low intrinsic jitter and rock solid digital performance.

A full complement of analog and digital inputs are provided (AES3, S/PDIF, TOSLINK and USB), which are selectable via a front panel rotary switch. And we offer an optional infrared remote control, which provides the essential controls for anyone working out of reach of their m902.
m902 remote

The m902 cleverly adds stereo unbalanced or optional balanced (m902b) analog line outputs for connection to powered studio monitors or amplifiers. This allows it to double as an elegantly simple high fidelity monitor controller or even a purist audiophile preamplifier / DAC. And, similar to our larger studio monitor controllers (m906, m904), the m902 provides some essential user calibration settings which help it to integrate into any playback environment.

The m902 includes a crossfeed circuit, or XFeed, which simulates the natural acoustics of a loudspeaker listening environment and HRTF (Head Related Transfer Functions). This circuitry, designed by Dr. Jan Meier, can significantly improve imaging, while reducing listening fatigue when using headphones.

Celebrated by audiophiles and audio engineers alike, the m902 is a crossover smash hit and a must have for anyone searching to discover new depths in music and sound.


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  • balanced and unbalanced analog inputs
  • 24bit/192kHz digital stereo inputs- AES3, S/PDIF, TOSLINK and USB (USB input supports 16 bit/44.1 and 48k only)
  • s-LockTM phase lock loop sample clock regeneration for ultra-low jitter and rock solid digital stability
  • high-current transimpedance headphone amplifier circuitry built to effortlessly drive low impedance headphones
  • variable level balanced or unbalanced analog outputs for studio monitors
  • all electrical and mechanical design elements maximized for absolute purist, audiophile performance
  • precision level control with a 95dB range in .5 dB steps
  • channel level matching accuracy of 0.05dB
  • crossfeed circuitry (XFeed) for improved headphone imaging
  • optional infrared remote control available
  • internal linear power supply with custom wound toroidal transformer
  • no electrolytic capacitors in the signal path
  • highest quality metal film resistors used throughout
  • sealed gold contact relays used for all signal switching
  • five year warranty on parts and labor


m902 frontpanel

m902 rearpanel

"I have heard the 902 at Bob Ludwigs mastering room and was astonished by its sonic clarity and ease of use.""This unit sounds fantastic, has great features and its great looks certainly don't hurt. I bought this one for home reference listening of my work. I plan on buying two more for the mastering studio in the near future."

“The m902 combines comprehensive functionality, intuitive ease of use and luscious sound, all in one compact and elegant package.” - John Marks, Owner/Producer, John Marks Records

"The name 'Headphone Amp' is misleading. True, the unit is a great headphone amp but can also be an outboard DAC, or a fine preamp since analog inputs are available. The separate, remote controlled, level controls with .05 db matching for a 99 db range is unmatched by any (affordable) passive potentiometer. It also looks like a professional piece of equipment."

"I am so impressed with GRACE design as a whole. The website is fantastic. I was able to study the m902\'s manual before I received the actual unit, which allowed me to get my questions answered before I was tasked with installing the m902 into my reference system. What an absolute pleasure it was to talk with Neal Thompson about my particular questions concerning Unity Gain settings and other line output connection issues. Pleasant and deeply knowledgable, he clearly answered all my questions and gave me valuable insight with some recommendations for product usage and feature descriptions. From the packaging to the actual unit itself, everything just exudes QUALITY. The annunciation and tactile feel of the m902 outperforms even my KRELL (though I LOVE my KRELL). Even though I am a Corporate Pilot by profession, I wa! s educated as a Mechanical Engineer. I routinely operate! aircraf t which cost in excess of 40 million dollars, so I feel I am qualified to say that I truly can appreciate the high level of engineering that went into the design and production of the m902 reference headphone amplifier. I will close with what every good audio reviewer has said so far about the m902, "my highest recommendation". BRAVO. "

"The m902 deserves highest merit in quality of construction, attention to detail, innovation and functionality. As a headphone amplifier, it has no peer in it\'s price range and sonic attributes. As a preamplifier, it peforms as well as units costing much more. The fact that it does so many things in it\'s compact dimensions transcends further comment as the proof is in the listening. Grace Designs makes a bold statement with this product and sets a fine example for other manufacturers to aspire towards. Congratulations on a product of particular distinction."

"The rather unique combination of analog/digital and USB at this audiophile level in a compact bullet proof housing, not unlike my Powerbook 17\'s aircraft grade aluminum, make this product THE choice. M902 is a such a versatile little wonder, driving Sennheiser 650\'s or AKG 240DF\'s, or driving our power amps (Perraux) and studio monitors (B&W Nautilus 802) directly, this audiophile and versatile powerbrick always performs with finesse and detail, power and insight."

"I really enjoy the features added since the 901: line out, volume readout, switching between line out & phones, USB addition for listening to iTunes, x-feed all of which are seamless with the remote. And of course the m902 is a beauty to look at."