m906 DOWNMIX Operation

This m906 can be equipped with an optional DOWNMIX module that creates a stereo L+R mix of a 6 channel surround source. All standard Dolby mix ratios can be calibrated by the user for both the center and surround channels. If installed, operation is as followes:

To toggle the DOWNMIX mode, press and hold the MUTE/SOLO button. Once enabled, the top line of the System LCD will display “DOWNMIX ACTIVE” (the display will toggle between this and the current input setup). Press and hold the MUTE/SOLO button again to exit DOWNMIX mode.

Once DOWNMIX is enabled, the composite stereo mix is routed to the corresponding Left and Right Control Room Outputs and the surround outputs are muted. Additionally, the downmixed signal is present as the Headphone Left and Right source and the MON->CUE source. The DOWNMIX ratios are variable and adjusted in CAL mode. The factory default settings are as follows:

CENTER Channel DOWNMIX Ratio = -3.0dB

LEFT and RIGHT Surround channel DOWNMIX ratio = -6.0dB

To Adjust the DOWNMIX Ratios:

  1. Enter CAL mode by pressing the CAL switch. The switch LED will begin to flash, indicating that you’re now in calibration mode.
  2. Press the MUTE/SOLO switch. The switch LED will begin to flash.
  3. DOWNMIX will be engaged and the LCD will display “DOWNMIX RATIO – CENTER LEVEL”.
  4. “CAL” will be displayed in the headphone level LED display while the current ratio is shown in the main level LED display.
  5. Rotate the ‘main level/edit’ rotary encoder in a counter-clockwise direction to increase the amount of attenuation. Rotate the encoder in a clockwise motion to decrease the value. Available ratios are --- (mute), -6.0dB, -4.5dB, -3.0dB, -1.5dB, 0.0dB, 1.5dB and 3.0dB.
  6. Press the MUTE/SOLO button again to access the DOWNMIX ratio for the LS and RS surround channels. The LCD will display “DOWNMIX RATIO – LS AND RS LEVEL”.
  7. Once you’re satisfied with the new DOWNMIX ratios, you can select a new function to edit or exit. Exit CAL mode and return to the normal operating state by pressing the flashing CAL switch.

MUTE/SOLO Functionality with DOWNMIX:

When DOWNMIX mode is enabled, the SOLO/MUTE buttons function in an alternate fashion. This functionality is very useful for quickly referencing each surround channel’s contribution to a downmix.

When DOWNMIX is enabled the LEFT, RIGHT and SUB MUTE/SOLO buttons are disabled and the LEFT and RIGHT channels are always ON. The SUB channel is always OFF.

The CENTER, LS and RS MUTE/SOLO buttons function as follows:

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