Modular Microphone Positioning System

Precision microphone positioning made simple, reliable and repeatable.

Spacebar modular microphone positioners are designed to make any multi-microphone setup simple and precise. Clearly engraved scales for angle and distance make setting capsule spacing, angle of incidence, and X axis rotation easy and repeatable.

The Spacebar modular system components can be purchased in pre-configured assemblies for several standard microphone arrays, or you may build a virtually limitless range of microphone holding structures to meet any need.

All components which feature microphone mounts come with American standard 5/8-27 threads, or can be ordered with European standard 3/8-16 Whitworth threads.

The Spacebar modular system components are precision fabricated from machined aircraft aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. They are light, strong, and if properly cared for will last a lifetime.

Thourough technical, setup and maintenance instructions can be found in the pdf manual.

Owner's manual Rev C

HQ print brochure (pdf)

Stereo Spacebar systems

Purchase Spacebar Systems

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standard pre-configured arrays
sbsur   Surround Tree - Holds 5 microphones   $875.00
sbdt   Decca Tree - Standard 3 microphone tree (2m x 1m)   $675.00
SB-100 (or 200)
sb100   A/B - Standard straight 1 meter bar with 2 mic holders. For 2 meter A/B, add E420 and E418.   $325.00
SB-BL sbbl   Holds standard large diaphragm microphones in a vertical Blumlein configuration (53cm)   $285.00
SB-BLRA sbblra   Holds RCA 44 type ribbon microphones in a vertical Blumlein configuration (80cm)   $385.00
modular components
SB-TJ90 sbtj90   90 Degree Tube Joiner, allows any two 7/8” tubes to be joined at a 90 degree angle   $ 85.00
sbamh   adjustable mic holder with precision angle scale. 5 degree markings from +90 to -90 degrees   $105.00
SB-AMHRA sbamhra   Adjustable Mic Holder, right angle   $115.00
sbmh   Standard Mic Holder   $70.00
sbsma   Stand Mount Adapter with 5/8”-27 thread. Comes with 3/8-16 European style thread adapter   $60.00
E405 405   42mm Thumb Nut w/ #10-32 x 7/8” screw   $5.50
SB-HB sbhb   Hanging Bar   $100.00
E414 414   Tube End Plug - attaches to the end of any of the 7/8” tubes. Provides a threaded hole for attaching hooks for guide lines or an E414 24m thumb screw to provide a safety stop for microphone holders   $5.00
E422 422   90 Degree Stand Mount   $30.00
407   53cm bar   $75.00
421   80cm bar   $110.00
420   105cm bar   $110.00
E418 418   Tube Joiner - joins any two 7/8” tubes. Made from 304 stainless steel - very strong   $35.00