Dear Customers,

Grace Design has recently discovered that the digital outputs in the Lunatec V3 preamplifier are inverted in absolute polarity. While this problem does not necessarily degrade the performance of the V3 itself, it can cause undesirable effects in recording applications that involve multiple signals being mixed with signals from the V3. Recording engineers need to rely on their tools to behave in a predictable ways and we wont be satisfied until we have corrected each preamplifier with this problem.

Only preamplifiers with serial numbers V3001-V3645 are affected. We would like to get as many V3s fixed as possible, so if you own a V3 with a serial number in the aforementioned range, please contact us here to request an RMA.

Simply print out and fill in the form, include it in the box with your Lunatec V3 and return it to us. Again, the repair is covered under warranty, regardless of its age, and we will execute the repair within approximately 3 days of receiving it in our shop.

For Customers outside the US or Canada- We will be making the necessary arrangements with all of our international distributors to service units belonging to customers abroad. Please contact the Grace Design distributor / dealer where you purchased your unit for further details. Canadian customers can send their units directly to us.

We wish to extend our most humble apology for any inconvenience this may cause. Feel free to call us if you have any further questions regarding this matter (303.443.7454). Thanks for your support.

-The Grace Design Team