When our customers fill out their warranty card, we provide a space for them to give us any feedback they deem appropriate. Here's what they have to say: (please add your voice here)

"The Grace M802 preamps and RCU were chosen for recording the "Largest Playing Pipe Organ in the World" - the Wanamaker 6 manual 469 rank Grand Court Pipe Organ at Macy's in Center City, PA. The Wanamaker organ is the equivalent of four Symphony Orchestras, and capable of generating awesome dynamics, and unbelievable sonic beauty. Only the finest equipment available is capable of capturing this magnificent instrument. It is with great pride we specify Grace Design products!" - James Stemke, DSP Recordings

"I work as producer/engineer/mixer for many artists including: Selena Gomez, Josh Groban, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Il Volo, etc...the 904b has added a depth to my critical listening, I can work longer hours w less ear fatigue, I can hear the music much clearer at lower levels and in generally it's something I could not be without!"

"Hi Folks, My name is Noah Snyder. I am an independent mixer, engineer and producer in Los Angeles. I have worked on dozens of albums and film scores and even won a grammy in 2003 for an album I produced, engineered and mixed. I mostly work on film scores these days (an area I have always been involved with) and for that reason I recently upgraded my mixing studio to surround. In an effort to create the most pristine monitoring environment (an expectation in my industry) I bought a m906 from Vintage King. Now, I have mixed and worked in the best rock studios in Los Angeles (decent monitoring), the scoring stages in Los Angeles and London (decent to good monitoring) and the best film mix rooms in the world (good to great monitoring) so I've heard some of the best monitoring environments on earth. On the film work I do these days I am used to hearing Genex or Prism DAs clocked with the Antelope Isochrone 10M and Trinity clocking system, so I know the sound of good DAs. With those benchmarks in mind I am literally floored by the excellence of the monitoring I have achieved using the m906. The DAs are among the best that I've heard and signal path switching and routing options are impeccably clean and amazingly flexible. I am hearing intricacies and subtleties in the recordings I am monitoring that I've never approached in my studio. The unit itself is well designed; I am pleased the power supply is separate which allows the main unit to remain relatively light and not run too hot, the remote is elegant and functional and the calibrating options are fantastic. I've used the m902 quite a bit while doing digital recording on the scoring stage to cleanly identify noises and hum and I've used the grace preamps on a numerous recordings I've been involved with so I am well aware of the excellence of Grace products (which of course led me to my purchase), but I am still staggered by the quality of the m906. I want to thank you all for your commitment to making pristine audio equipment to the highest standards in a market dominated by gimmicks and fast-talk. I for one appreciate it. I am thrilled to work in my studio now and look forward to years more of monitoring enjoyment. Thank you. Sincerely, Noah Scot Snyder"

"Great workmanship - Multiple pre-amps line up with the gain trim on zero. I thought I'd have to match them with a test tone when recording in stereo, but they match perfectly already with the trims at zero. That's quite a feat as I always have to match my other dual mono gear."

"I think the m903 is a helluva bargain for this level of functionality and performance."

"Thank you for designing and building the perfect preamp. Unadulterated sound. This purchase was specifically for a jazz vocalist who wants perfection from her voice every time she plays, and works smartly all the time to continuously develop that. Your product is an exact and affordable fit for her."

"This is a fantastic product. I am moving from a Benchmark DAC1, and there's no comparison, features-wise and sonically. For what it does, the m904 is the best value in professional audio."

"I purchased the m902 and had initial problems with the USB driver. Jamie, one of the engineers was very diligent in working with me to solve the issue. I now have the m902 in my rack and it is surpassing my expectations. I can highly recommend the m902 for any serious audiophile or project studio owner needing a convergence device that doesn't give musical presentation short shrift and also the people at Grace Design for their commitment to their customers."

"Just upgraded from an m902 based on the new asynchronous USB circuit. Product is being used in a computer based home audio system. Macbook Pro running Pure Music upsampling to 192k. USB into the m903 which is driving Dynaudio Focus 110A active speakers or Grado RS-2 phones. Simple, elegant, terrific sounding system."

"The m903 has fantastic, natural sound. It really brings out the best in my Sennheiser headphones."

"This is a beautifully crafted instrument. Well done! I'm looking forward to using this for years to come."

"Wow what an amazing pre-amp. Brilliant sound with the TLM 102 mic. Even more amazing is that it is less than $600."

I'm very happy with my m101! It simply does what a mic preamp should do--deliver a clear and true signal."

"I have owned many Head phone / amp rigs in my lifetime. Your M 903 is the most vibrant and highly resolved I have ever heard. Coupled with a high resolution headphone and a clean source the experience is truly warm detailed and wonderful. Great build quality to boot."

"Sonically it is an excellent product, very happy with the sound quality. Just received, so I will write a bit more when a lot more music has gone through the system. Listening puts a smile on my face, so it must be good! Also very happy with the dual voltage selection! This was a pleasant surprise and fits in superbly with my isolated 120V power for audio."

"Superb build quality, transparent sound, stylish good looks. All of these things my wife has said about me (but they apply to Grace Design products too!)."

"The m905 is a fantastic product for the home user. Exceptional value for the money (one of the best audio purchases I have made). Best digital I have heard in my home (replaced a >$5k \"audiophile Dac\") Multiple outputs will drive multiple high end listening zones in my home (main setup plus 2 others). Sound field is huge and very 3D in presentation. Very nice texturing and layers to instruments/voices in music. Hope you develop a wireless interface for the unit. I am a very happy customer. "

"Absolutely stunning machine - the DAC surpasses my high quality CEC TL51XR CD player which has a sophisticated Dual Mono DAC Section. USB sounds superlative. A joy to use and look at! As a practising Vet, I can compare the M903 to medical grade machinery - it is definitely of the same calibre."

"I treated myself to an m101 about 2 years ago and I still use it constantly as my go-to pre for every mic in my small arsenal! I have been running around foaming at the mouth (not literally, but figuratively), raving about this thing ever since it showed up in the UPS. SO: thanks for making such a perfect unit at such a bizarrely low price. also: thanks for making it such intensely high build quality, and for giving us the standard computer power cord instead of a wall wart. Bonus: thanks for the 5 year warranty, not that I expect this thing to go south anytime soon ..."

"Thank you very much for designing a true masterpiece. I am delighted with all aspects of my balanced m902 in partnership with Grado PS1000 Headphones. This is a magical combination.I also use the Pre - Amp section to drive Pass 600.5 monos. I am feeding the m902 from dCS Transport, Dac and Upsampler - excellent results."

"Extremely versatile and swizz army knife like product, that would also, most certainly survive heavy combat in the tora bora mountains, mabe even survive the mountains themselves. I wish that I could buy the parts ( d/a converter, front panel, dpa supply ) and do the upgrades myself, or pick my own tech in DK, to do the job for me."

"I work every day surrounded by all kind of prestigious audio equipment (consoles and so...) and I really love my job but sometimes, I love it even more and today, it's the case since the m902b stunned me. It's been a long time that a piece of gear hasn't satisfy my ears with such a clean, silky, and delightful sound. Its also so well built that I'm pretty sure it's going to survive me! Thank you very much!"

"Absolutely stunning, accurate reproduction. And thank you for your prompt help exchanging the remote."

"I really like the M801 feature set and quality. The key items are there, simple user interface with no clutter. Really nice for tracking to DAW. Nice build quality."

"Wow, and thank you, thank you, thank you. My new m101 and my Neumann TLM 102 are a match in heaven. I have gone through other pre amps i have borrowed from friends, and none have made me as happy as yours. I do a lot of work with small ensembles from the 8th Army band here in Korea. And this combo gets the brass, the strings, the banjo as i have heard them before, but never captured. Now i do. Thank you for that. Have a great and profitable year."

"I inquired with a studio about a classical guitar recording I thought sounded awesome and they used a Grace 801. I tell other engineers that if they want clarity, accuracy and shimmering spaciousness use Grace mic pre's."

"LOVE my Grace 101 which I've had for 2 years. I also have a new ribbon microphone, when I saw the new m101 advertised, I jumped for joy. I bought it and was not disappointed!"

"My m101 is performing as I hoped it would. It has provided a much needed spark to my musical endeavors. Thanks for the great product!"

"After reading pages of reviews and searching the web for comments for a couple months before buying the Grace 101, I can honestly testify that everything I ever read about the dead on sonic qualities of this pre amp is absolutely true. I'm in for another for my live vocal rig!"

"Beautiful design, intuitive to use, killer sound!"

"I am a bass player and I am using the 101 for live and recording. I would say I love it ITS GREAT.....GREAT TONE THANKS SO MUCH"

"I am using your M904b controller with JBLlsr6328p mains, JBLlsr6312sp sub and Monster M1000 and SP1000 cable.The sound of this controller is very well rounded, with outstanding accuracy and detail, leting you hear very, very subtle detail and air around the low and high Freq's, with no hype at all in the top end. The mids are rock solid. The lows are phase accurate, tight and very well controled. The headphone amp is stellar useing my Sennheiser HD600's, the X-feed circuitry is awsome! All of this comes from A/B test with our Crane Song Avocet and Benchmark DAC1 units in our other room."

"I bought a 101 preamp after auditioning a unit against several competitors. I liked it so much I decided to buy two. Great piece, great price."

"Outstanding product! The m201 is the perfect mic pre for recording my old Martin Guitars."

"Neal has been a great help assisting me with selecting the right Grace product for my situation. Please pass along my thanks to him. The 201 faithfully reproduces the dynamics of a string quartet, piano and solo violin like no other product I have tried. Also, they make modest price microphones ($250-400) sound wonderful and expensive mics ($750-1000) sound pristine. Am hopeful Grace will come out with a stand alone 8 channel A/D-D/A box similar to whats optional in the 801 in the future. Sooner or later, I will make the move to digital (getting a bit tired of lugging my multitrack reel to reel around to live performances) and don't want to compromise the 201 output at all."

"The m906 is fablulous! Great sound, great stability and powerful combinations. Now I can record, mix and master my works with accurate and precise monitoring for virtual everything I need. It\'s the center of my entire digital/analog studio. Thank you Grace Design"

"This unit sounds fantastic, has great features and its great looks certainly don't hurt. I bought this one for home reference listening of my work. I plan on buying two more for the mastering studio in the near future."

"The name 'Headphone Amp' is misleading. True, the unit is a great headphone amp but can also be an outboard DAC, or a fine preamp since analog inputs are available. The separate, remote controlled, level controls with .05 db matching for a 99 db range is unmatched by any (affordable) passive potentiometer. It also looks like a professional piece of equipment."

"I am so impressed with GRACE design as a whole. The website is fantastic. I was able to study the m902\'s manual before I received the actual unit, which allowed me to get my questions answered before I was tasked with installing the m902 into my reference system. What an absolute pleasure it was to talk with Neal Thompson about my particular questions concerning Unity Gain settings and other line output connection issues. Pleasant and deeply knowledgable, he clearly answered all my questions and gave me valuable insight with some recommendations for product usage and feature descriptions. From the packaging to the actual unit itself, everything just exudes QUALITY. The annunciation and tactile feel of the m902 outperforms even my KRELL (though I LOVE my KRELL). Even though I am a Corporate Pilot by profession, I wa! s educated as a Mechanical Engineer. I routinely operate! aircraf t which cost in excess of 40 million dollars, so I feel I am qualified to say that I truly can appreciate the high level of engineering that went into the design and production of the m902 reference headphone amplifier. I will close with what every good audio reviewer has said so far about the m902, my highest recommendation. BRAVO."

"Beautiful unit. Well thought out. I purchased this unit over the Cranesong Avocet because of the feature set, asthetics, and amount of digital i/o and digital routing. Sonic quality: Transparent, clean, silent!!! Stereo image jumps from the speakers. This unit is a great match for my needs & workflow."

"In this day and age of so many cheap imports on the market, it is a honor to buy an American made product with quality components and a five year warranty."

"I was looking for my first DAC and narrowed the choice to Chord Hugo and Grace m903 (tempted by m920). Listening to them both, I liked the sound of the Chord Hugo but loved the sound of the m903. I\'ve been listening to Meridian electronics with Bryston amp and Vandersteen speakers for many years. Can\'t afford new Meridian but found Grace m903 sound closest to \"perfect midrange,\" great overall sound, \"analog-like\" depth that I prefer. Besides the sound, the customization options perfectly suit my listening habits and preferences."

"I've not known much about Grace Design, but good word does get around- and for a reason. Because of this, I took a thorough look into Grace Design and saw something pretty amazing to me. When you don\'t compromise and implement excellence, there is just something about that which reaches out like a light- and it really shows. I really appreciate the quality that exudes from every angle which shows from all effort that goes into each and every product. No flattery here, only humble intent. Thanks again!" - Tim Clingan

"A great-sounding, transparent, beautifully-built & robust surround controller!"

"I have m902\'s, upgraded to m903\'s and while I have a place in my heart for Burr Brown IC\'s, I was hoping you would try the ESS DAC chips - AND DSD. DSD seemed to come out of now where, at least for me, and you answered that call with a passion. Additionally now, I also have different filters to try. I am also a true believer in CrossFeed for headphone listening. JRiver now even offers a "headphone" option, but of course it only works with sources play through JRiver. Awesome."

"The 101 made me very angry - it kept showing all the flaws in my mics and my room! But I figured I could trust someone who doesn't lie to me rather than someone who tells me what I want to hear."

"Great Pre! I opened the box and immediately put it into action on a session. I was speechless! THANK YOU."

"Looking forward to putting the m201 through its paces. Looks great in the rack!"

"I researched preamps for a very long time prior to making the choice of the Grace Design Model 101. Once I plugged in my KM184 and strummed my acoustic, I fell in love. I didn\'t know a mic\'d instrument could actually sound as good as a purely acoustic experience."

"All I can say is the Grace 201 preamp is the best sounding pre I\'ve ever owned and used! The reviews don\'t lie or exaggerate. I\'ll keep this one for a life-time. My recordings have never sounded so pristine and full of depth and character. Thank You Grace Design!!!!"

"The sonic clarity of the m901 is amazing. I can hear details in my sounds that I never heard before, especially with my new Sennheiser HD650 headphones. I do 95% of my sound design on headphones now and only use the Genelecs when doing LCRS or 5.1 work."

"It was everything I had hoped for! I do a significant quantity of Organ, Choral, Orchestral and Chamber recordings. As good as the monitoring is on My Nagra V, this is better. Coupled with my B"K 4003\'s. I have an unbeatable combination and produce astonishing results with the entire chain."

"The m902 deserves highest merit in quality of construction, attention to detail, innovation and functionality. As a headphone amplifier, it has no peer in it\'s price range and sonic attributes. As a preamplifier, it peforms as well as units costing much more. The fact that it does so many things in it\'s compact dimensions transcends further comment as the proof is in the listening. Grace Designs makes a bold statement with this product and sets a fine example for other manufacturers to aspire towards. Congratulations on a product of particular distinction."

"I'm setting up an editing suite, and I\'d love to place posters of products I use and reccommend for clients to see. If you could provide any promotional materials that I could display (posters, etc.) I would be much obliged, as I am very pleased with my Lunatec V3."

"This Mic Pre brings together GREAT sound and easy of use. In my book, that's a killer combination! In my work, it is imperative that I be able to move fast and rely on my gear. Thanks!!"

"Grace Design products are transparent. I can completely trust that my Grace handles audio signals with least impact on the sound I put in. That transparency actually puts me in better control of the ultimate sound I am trying to achieve. Thank you!"

"The rather unique combination of analog/digital and USB at this audiophile level in a compact bullet proof housing, not unlike my Powerbook 17\'s aircraft grade aluminum, make this product THE choice. M902 is a such a versatile little wonder, driving Sennheiser 650\'s or AKG 240DF\'s, or driving our power amps (Perraux) and studio monitors (B&W Nautilus 802) directly, this audiophile and versatile powerbrick always performs with finesse and detail, power and insight."

"model 801R- We own a second 801R - so the new registration address applies to this unit also. We did a AD converter test, including a DA/AD loop of an original soundfile. The new files were rerecorded through a Benchmark DAC1 into all 5 AD converters, and also 5 times with a Gracedesign 801R inserted. While some converters had only neglegible differences, NONE of them were able to show any difference between no 801R and an 801R inserted ! This must mean either no converter was transparant enough, or the 801R is transparant enough. While we did this test to check for differences in absolute transparancy of the ADs, it turned out to be another proof that we shouldn\'t bother to invest in another brand of mic pre. So we happily expanded our 801R with a second one and a 801RCU."

"What a fabulous product! The build quality and performance are top notch. I would recommend it for anyone as the first line preamp for clean, honest gain."

"m906 - m906... what a sound... what a design... what a class... entirly on it\'s own... lonely at the top :-) Congratulations! Please continue the good work :-)"

"I really enjoy the features added since the 901: line out, volume readout, switching between line out & phones, USB addition for listening to iTunes, x-feed all of which are seamless with the remote. And of course the m902 is a beauty to look at."

"The 101 is by far the cleanest channel you can buy for under $1000. You won\'t find a more musical, more sonically pristine preamp anywhere else for this price."

"After using onboard pre\'s on a behringer board for years and accepting the sound for\"what it was\", recording with the 101 is sonically like putting on a pair of prescription glasses for the first time."

"You make an excellent product at a reasonable price. Its electronic performance, build quality and semi-industrial look appeal to me. Your customer service is responsive and effective, qualities that go a long way in customer satisfaction."

"The 801 is a beautiful piece of hardware!"

"Easy to use, amazing sound, impossible to beat!"

"Top quality, great sound and unbelievably feature rich for the small size...Good Job."

"Exceeding my expectations! Great work! A new reference in 2 channel portables"

"You Guys Rock"



"I am in love with this!""Y'all Rule!"

"I love this V3. Absolutely amazing! I haven't made a bad tape yet!"

"Elegant sonic perfection!"

"Excellent unit!!!"

"Great performnce. Very flat response. no coloring."

"Awesome Units - 1st Class design!"

"Great product, thanks!"

"Great product!"

"Like the mechanical design and it sounds great!"

"Cool product. Thanks!"

"I have heard the 902 at Bob Ludwigs mastering room and was astonished by its sonic clarity and ease of use."

"Great unit. Thanks."

"It sounds absolutely fantastic. I was not disappointed."

"I am writing film music long hours per day everywhere in the planet and with a pair of 650 senheiser and the 902 i am feeling like home"


"Best Headphone amp I have owned"

"Beautiful state of the art design and execution"

"Model 901 is the finest headphone amp out there today."

"Fine, versatile product."

"Great product !!! Thanks"

"The buzz on the street is that this is the finest, cleanest, most stunningly realistic pre out there, and no doubt the sharpest looking."

"So far we at MelTone LOVE it!"

"Simply Awesome."

"Great Amp! Thanks for doing such a great job building it!"

"This thing is just about perfect."

"I love your products…it must be the Boulder Air"

"Great Preamp! Keep up the good work!"

"The Model 101 is built like a tank."

"Great, Great product. I will be purchasing more Grace products!!"

"I talked to your staff, they were so professional and courtious - it made my decision easy"