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Warm regards from Lyons, Colorado! It has been an incredibly productive time at Grace Design, and we are excited to announce the arrival of 2 very cool new products.


m9XX Headphone Amp/DAC

Early last spring we entered into a partnership with Massdrop, a brilliant user-community driven retail site which curates a large audiophile enthusiast group. They wanted to co-develop an audiophile headphone amp / DAC that approached m920 audio performance, but with a greatly simplified feature set and priced well below $1k.

After many months of what has been a really fun and crazy collaboration with their team, we are very proud to announce the release of the m9XX. This product is ONLY available from Massdrop, and would not exist without them. The initial offering is over in a couple of days, so click here NOW to learn more about the m9XX and sign up for this very special offer!!


"Massdrop is an online community for enthusiasts that provides people across several communities – from audio and electronics to quilting and cooking – a place to connect, discuss their favorite products and activities, and buy those products together."


m108 8 Channel Remote Controlled Mic Preamplifier / ADC

DAW system front end / simple 8X2 USB interface / remote recording / high-end sound reinforcement

This is the latest evolution of our mic preamplifier design. With eight channels of our transparent, musical mic preamplification, state of the art A/D conversion, multiple digital output formats, and flexible local or remote controlled operation, the m108 is designed to be a vital addition to any modern audio production environment.

System operation is simple from the elegant on-board UI that controls all functions and setup with dedicated hardware switches and a pushbutton encoder. Remote control is available from our existing m802 hardware remote control unit or directly from Protools™.

Need more channels for your Protools™ system or Apollo™ interface? The m108's performance and connectivity is the perfect addition to any modern studio wishing to upgrade with our critically acclaimed mic preamps. Need a simple interface for connecting to your laptop? The m108 can be used as an 8X2 asynchronous Class 2 USB interface. Need a large channel count front end for high-end reinforcement or remote recording systems? The m108's 1U chassis is tough, beautiful, and includes a quiet cooling fan for long term reliability in challenging conditions.

To top it off, an optional Dante interface card enables you to integrate the m108 with Audinate's industry standard multi-channel digital media networking technology.

Stay tuned for pricing and availability!


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The Grace Design Team.