Spring is here. Windows are open at night, daffodils are popping up, robins are getting fat in the front yard; we like it. Pictured above is a recent evening in our local foothills. We're looking forward to a great summer in Colorado.

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We are having a madly productive and great year here at Grace Design. Here's a few reasons why:

Welcome Grimm Audio

THE CC1 MASTER CLOCK - "Owing to a radically redesigned discrete crystal oscillator, clock stability betters that of even the best test equipment available."

Our friends at Grimm Audio have a rare combination of intelligence, inspiration and intuition that would make most pro audio companies blush. They are a collective brain trust of formidable talent and potential who are, all cliches aside, pushing the envelope in modern audio and electronic design.

Simply awed by the quality and performance of their designs, we became fans right away. Then came the mutual realization of how well our respective product lines complement each other. So we are pleased to officially announce our exclusive distribution agreement with Grimm Audio for the US and Canada.

They are a small company from the Netherlands with big plans. For now, the current product line that we are representing is detailed here. Complete product information can be found on their website

m802's now shipping with RS485/RS422 serial ports


Our m802 remote control preamplifiers are now shipping with RS485/RS422 serial control ports. This is a significant upgrade for an already very powerful product. The advantages of using the m802 in RS485/RS422 mode are:

Longer distance - The RS485/RS422 control signals can run over very long lines, easily sent over 1000 meters.

Compatibility - With RS422 the m802 control signals can be transported over various standard data links, including optical fiber media combiners.

Differential signaling - Since RS485/RS422 is based on a balanced differential signal, it radiates far less noise than the older I2C connection, which means that control signals are less likely to pollute audio signals in adjacent wiring.

Ground isolation - The RS485/RS422 ports on the m802 preamplifiers are ground isolated, which ensures that there are no ground loops created in the control wiring of an m802 system. This is especially helpful in situations where there are multiple m802 preamplifiers in distributed locations.

Complete information here

m903's are on their way


The first two production runs of m903 have been completely sold out. We apologize for those of you who have had to wait for your unit. We are building them as fast as we can, which is of course only as fast as our unreasonably high standards will allow. If you have one on order, rest assured, it's coming and it will be worth wait.

About Grace Design

Grace Design was established in 1994 and is a leading manufacturer of world-class hardware for the professional audio industry. Grace Design’s mission is to provide audio professionals with exceptionally engineered and built products coupled with best-in-class customer service. The product line currently consists of the m801, m802, m802RCU, m201, m101, m501, m103, Lunatec V3 microphone preamps, the m903 reference headphone amplifier, the m904, m904B and m906 reference monitoring systems, and the Spacebar precision microphone positioners. The company’s customers include audio professionals in the music, film, television, live sound, education and corporate markets.

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