Grace Design newsletter April 07

New Product
m101 single channel mic preamplifier
The venerable model 101 single channel mic preamp/ DI has been updated and yes, its name shortened – the m101! The m101 provides all the same high fidelity performance with some cool new features, all at the same affordable price as its predecessor.

First off, the new m101 now has an internal power supply, eliminating the need for a pesky wall-wart. Our new universal switching power supply is dead quiet and accepts input voltages from 100 to 240VAC. We have changed the chrome front panel to a slightly more grown-up anodized / laser etched black, which improves legibility and usability in varying light conditions. And all functions now have a dedicated indicator LED, including the 48V phantom power and HPF switch.

Built in as standard is our unique Ribbon Mic Mode, which when engaged, bypasses the input decoupling capacitors, ups the input impedance from 8.1kΩ to 20kΩ and defeats the 48V phantom power, preventing damage to delicate ribbon mic elements. Ribbon mics: you're welcome.

The gain range is now 10-75dB, including the additional +10dB of gain now available with the output trim control. This provides ample gain for use of any type of microphone in any recording situation.

m101 front

Still included is the HI-Z input on the front panel. Rear panel I/O options have been enhanced with both balanced TRS and unbalanced TS 1/4” outputs, along with the standard XLR balanced output and mic in.

The gain control has been changed to a 12 position gold plated rotary switch, the circuit path updated with 5% metal film resistors and further tweaks have been made on the output drivers and the HPF amplifier.

Add it all up while considering that we did all this and kept the price the same and the picture becomes pretty clear – the m101 is one little hot rod piece of pro audio gear for the masses. Please visit our dealer page to find one near you.


Press Release
Music Mix Mobile Installs 120 Channels of Grace Design m802 Mic Preamps

Music Mix Mobile, headquartered on the east coast, has recently installed fifteen of Grace Design’s m802 remote-controlled mic preamps. Each 8-channel preamp also includes a Grace 24/192, high-definition, 8-channel A/D option. The systems were specified by company principal and technical engineer, Joel Singer, and the sale was handled by Chris Payne of New York based Grace dealer, Tekserve.

Music Mix Mobile is a new company formed and run by pro audio industry veterans that have been at it for over 25 years. The company was created with a clear vision that stresses sonic excellence, workflow and world-class customer service while at the same time, being conscious of budget considerations in today’s competitive markets. The company is comprised of respected audio engineers John Harris and Jay Vicari, technical engineer Joel Singer, business/facilities manager Mitch Maketansky and the latest member of the team, Steve Sich.

Music Mix Mobile on location w/ Billy Joel

“John and Jay have used almost every major preamp on the market today. Music Mix Mobile required a preamp system that fit several major criteria. The preamps needed to be remote controlled, (via both hardware and software) multi-channel and perform at a very high level sonically” explained Joel Singer. “All roads pointed to Grace. We have found the m802, along with the fully integrated A/D modules, to be the most musical preamps we’ve ever used, and most importantly, our clients are thrilled with the results. Additionally, we couldn't be happier with the service and support we’ve received from the Grace staff.”

Grace Design VP of Sales and Marketing, Doug Wood added “We’re honored that the Music Mix Mobile team has selected the m802’s to be included in the world-class recording system that they’ve assembled. Their dedication to sonic excellence and best in class customer support is impressive. They’ve clearly set the bar very high in what to expect from a world-class remote recording company, and we’re thrilled to play a part in their ongoing success.”

The m802 carries an SRP of $4,995 (US) and the optional m802RCU remote has an SRP of $1,495 (US). The 24/192 8-channel A/D option is priced at $1,695 (US). The m802 system is sold through Grace Design’s channel of authorized US dealers and international distributors.

Music Mix Mobile can be contacted via email at or by phone at 201-387-0093.
Tekserve can be contacted through their website at

Own a Piece of Pro Audio History
the very last model 801!

model 801

Here's the last model 801 to roll off the production line. This is still very much a state of the art analog mic preamplifier, with the glorious CNC machined diamond fly-cut T6 aluminum front panel. It was a demo once or twice, but is in basically new condition and comes covered by our stout 5 year warranty. Call us (1.303.443.7454) for details on purchasing this fabulous piece of pro audio history.

About Grace Design
Grace Design was established in 1994 and is a leading manufacturer of world-class hardware for the professional audio industry. Grace Design’s mission is to provide audio professionals with exceptionally engineered and built products coupled with best-in-class customer service. The product line currently consists of the m801, m802, m802RCU, m201, model 101, Lunatec V3 microphone preamps, the m902 reference headphone amplifier and the m904, m904B and m906 reference monitoring systems. The company’s customers include audio professionals in the music, film, television, live sound, education and corporate markets.

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