We celebrated our 20th anniversary with a party for the history books. Attended by multitudes of family, friends and colleagues, this was an epic day of beers, bands, babies and BBQ. The summer sun shone down, then the afternoon rainstorms moved in for a welcome cooldown, leaving behind a double rainbow. The day a was a huge success, including non-stop music by us and our friends 'till the wee hours. Thanks to everyone who came to make this event such a success. And thanks to everyone for your support for all these years. We are truly blessed.


late night

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scott and lise

(photos - Mike Pappas)


“If you are in the market for a high end, versatile, great sounding monitor controller for both mixing and tracking, I don’t think there is really any other choice.” - John Bacciagaluppi

We agree - this is an excerpt from the forthcoming m905 review in TapeOp Magazine. John recently installed an m905 in his new facility in northern CA.

We can still barely keep up with the orders, and now the reviews are coming in. I should say right here for the record that we have the best, most dedicated and meticulous production team in the industry. Keeping up with this demand for m905's has been no small feat.

Finally, for the all you adventurous audiophile–centric engineers, newly released v1.12 firmware supports DSD 128x (5.6448MHz) via DoP v1.1 playback.


Earlier this month, our man Jamie Krapohl and his lovely bride Jill Bucher were married. The ceremony was held here in Lyons at the Lyons Farmette and was a textbook example of the perfect summer wedding. An effortless blend of family, food, music combined to make a day to remember. We are so happy for them both, and glad to have him back from what sounded like an awesome honeymoon. Congratulations Jill and Jamie!

(photo - Dog Daze Photo)


This time of year finds us preparing for the annual AES Convention. This year brings us back to the Big Apple – our favorite city for this event. We are really looking forward to seeing all of our friends and family who are attending, hopefully that includes YOU! We'll be posted up smack dab in the middle at booth# 3039. And aside from the usual swag, we'll have something new and very exciting to show.

Spoiler alert:

It's new gear. From Grace Design. That you're going to want to see.

Hope to see you there!


Grace Design was established in 1993 and is a leading manufacturer of world-class hardware for the professional audio industry. Grace Design’s mission is to provide audio professionals with exceptionally engineered and built products coupled with best-in-class customer service. The product line currently consists of the m801, m802, m802RCU, m201, m101, m501, m103 microphone preamps, m102 and m502 compressors, the m903 reference headphone amplifier, the m905 and m906 reference monitoring systems, and the Spacebar precision microphone positioners. The company’s customers include audio professionals in the music, film, television, live sound, education and corporate markets.

Join us:

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for complete information, visit www.gracedesign.com. For any questions, email us at info@gracedesign.com or call 303823.8100. To be removed from this list, please click here

Thanks for your continued support!