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Postcard from America

Happy birthday, Nation.

We recently spent a few days driving through the middle of it – windows down, radio up. Diving into lakes, wading in rivers, riding bikes, catching fish, lighting fireworks, getting lost. We were reminded, despite the vitriolic transmissions of talk radio encountered out there, that the USA is a great place and we're lucky to be here.

On this occasion, we would like to mention the unrivaled excellence of the people who work at Grace Design:

Alex Vallejo, Caleb Roberts, Cody Bennett, Dave Vikdal, Doug Wood, Gregory Schrodt, Jack Leahy, Jamie Polisher, Jamie Krapohl, Jim Pennetta, Jim Botsford, Laura Inbody, Mike Bigger, Pinky Singh, Terri Kage, Virginia Stears and Zoe Hanks.

Wonderful Americans, every one. Accordingly, we would like to assert that as their employer, Grace Design acknowledges, respects and honors the liberties, rights and protections afforded to them by this nation, regardless of whether or not their beliefs, lifestyles, ideas or convictions agree with those of the owners of this company.

With that out of the way...Happy birthday America, ya big dummy. We love you.



m905 Video


Our friends at Shimmer-Ready just finished this video about the designer's perspective of our m905 stereo monitor controller. We meant to just cover the bullet points, but ended up telling the whole story of our process when developing a product like this. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it. Please share it with you friends.

Links to the video for your browser:



About Us join us

Grace Design was established in 1993 and is a leading manufacturer of world-class hardware for the professional audio industry. Grace Design’s mission is to provide audio professionals with exceptionally engineered and built products coupled with best-in-class customer service. The product line currently consists of the m801, m802, m802RCU, m201, m101, m501, m103 microphone preamps, m102 and m502 compressors, the m920 and m903 reference headphone amplifier / DAC's, the m905 and m906 reference monitoring systems, and the Spacebar precision microphone positioners. The company’s customers include audio professionals in the music, film, television, live sound, education and corporate markets.


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Thanks for your continued support!

- Alex, Caleb, Cody, Dave, Doug, Gregory, Jack, Jamie X, Jamie P. , Jim P., Jim B., Laura, Mike, Pinky, Terri, Virginia, Zoe, Mike and Eben.