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Jonathan Wyman and His New m905

Jonathan Wyman is a producer/mixer/engineer based out of Portland, Maine. For a number of years, the m904B was at the heart of his monitoring system. Recently, he retired that unit in his A room and installed a new m905. Here's what he had to say about the new rig:

“The monitoring in a studio informs every decision I make, so it's been a priority for me to have the most accurate chain possible. I need the flexibility to be able to compare various sources: my mix, the rough mix, commercial references, even something my client wants to play me on their iPhone. Finally, it has to be musical, so I don't hate the entire world at the end of a long day.

"The m904B was a game changer when I got it nine years ago, and the m905 is a step up that is not subtle at all. Improved ergonomics on the remote, built in SPL metering, and super flexible calibration have made a positive difference in my daily workflow. The sub mute is cool for visiting engineers who may not be used to the 2.1 setup, and the third set of speaker outputs make it a breeze if a visiting engineer wants to use their own speakers.

"But the biggest difference is the sound of the unit. The imaging is really detailed, and the speakers just kind of go away. The DAC sounds awesome, and it's great to have a common converter to compare all my digital sources. It's super musical and pleasant to listen to when things are right, but it's not shy at all about showing me where things are wrong. It was immediately an improvement over the already great sounding m904B (which is still going strong in our B room - testament to how well these things are built!).

"My m905 helps me to instinctively make quick, confident decisions about my work. I absolutely love it.”

Please visit Jonathan's website here

Learn more about the m905 here

m920 Now Avalable Factory Direct

We now offer new and factory refurbished m920s for sale factory direct. Both come with our full 5 year transferrable warranty. Refurbished units are thouroughly inspected and tested and are in near new condition, with only very minor blemishes, scuffs or scratches. New units are just that.

full details here

Daniel Zamzow meets FELiX

Our friend Daniel came by yesterday with his cello to demo the FELiX preamp. We plugged him in with a DPA 4099 and his under bridge pickup and ran the blend from FELiX out to a QSC K8. The studio was awash in stunning tone. Everybody around the shop dropped what they were doing and came in for a listen. Daniel is an incredible artist, and FELiX was stunning on his cello. Huge, warm, solid low end and a crystal clear top end made the sound just leap out of the speaker. Thanks Daniel!

See the clip

Grace Design FELiX

FELiX will be shipping in mid-April, with a retail price of $1095.00.


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