It's a snow day in Lyons, Colorado.
Yesterday it was 70 degrees, the daffodils in town were popping open in the sun. But today it's just a thick, wet blanket of spring snow. In some places it looks like it was shot sideways out of a hose, sticking to walls and covering up road signs and windows. This kind of late season sucker punch storm makes Coloradans looks like amateurs, sliding all over the road like jerks, acting like people who live somewhere it hasn't snowed in 20 years.

Today is Jim Pennetta's birthday.
Jim has has been in charge of testing and QC here since as long as any of us can remember. He is the intrepid and steady handed gatekeeper of thousands and thousands of Grace Design products, while keeping us endlessly amused with his pluck and charm. He's off today, following his birthday bliss or whatever (shoveling snow, sliding all over the place like a jerk), but we're sending a big shout out to him anyway. Happy birthday, Jimbo. The Grace Design Birthday Singers will be ready for you tomorrow, like it or not.

Engineering at Grace Design is full tilt.
The boys are putting the final whammy on the m108 mic preamplifier / ADC. This one even surprised us as it unfolded, surpassing some of the performance benchmarks we were just looking to meet. We are really excited to send this one out and are certain it will make itself very useful in the world of modern audio production. Recordings we have used it on lately prove that we did it right; it sounds exquisite and is a joy to use. Plus, plugging directly into a laptop with an Ethernet cable from the m108 Dante module is, well, just awesome.

We are more hopeful than ever.
Despite the slow motion car crash that is the 2016 US election and its accompanying rhetoric of anger, shortsightedness and woeful ignorance, and despite the seemingly endless, intensifying cycle of violence and hatred in the world wrought by the fearful, the brave still get up everyday and work to affirm all the beauty and love in the world. Your art, poetry and song are why we are here and why we do this. Thank you.



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