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The dust has settled.

About a year ago, we made the decision to move our entire operation to Lyons, Colorado. We had long outgrown our Boulder location, and the prospects of expansion there were limited. So we started looking around and came across a suitable building on the outskirts of town.

Lyons is a small community nestled in the foothills just 12 miles north of Boulder. Originally inhabited by the Ute Nation, the area was settled by eastern families and finally founded in 1880 by Edward S. Lyon. Lyon initiated development of the towns main export – a particularly hard and beautiful red sandstone which is abundant and quarried locally. Lyons sandstone has been used in building construction around the world. Today, the town is a vibrant community of musicians, artists and small businesses, and boasts access to some of the finest recreational opportunities in the west. Lucky us!

Here's our new building. It was built and occupied by a honey producing company, which had recently expanded and moved to a larger facility. So we put our best foot forward and went about purchasing and remodeling the building. The remodel was completed mid-summer, and we have been happily operating here since.

from the road

Sadly, as you can see, the new Grace Design HQ is not built from of the local sandstone. It is, however, designed in the fabled Neo Tuff Shed architectural style, which is well celebrated in many areas of rural and suburban America. Fancy!

neo tuff shed

The insides were pretty rough, but no match for our intrepid demo crew...



We had to remove and re-pour the concrete floors. We were tempted to just turn the whole thing into a roller rink.

dirt floor

new floor

We demo'd the entire inside of the main part of the building, then built out new offices, production area, test area, service department, new kitchen and new bathrooms. Huge props to our general contractors, Tim Jacks and Don Yaffe from Jaxwerx, Inc. for landing our project on time and under budget. Thanks boys.

new walls

The new production space is light, clean and open, where small dogs wander freely.


A sliding glass door opens up to a patio, with a creek nearby.


The new test area, where our product testers can look west at the sweeping mountain vistas. Ok Jimbo, back to work.


The creek has frogs and trout and can be a nice diversion from the grind of designing and building high-end professional audio.


The east side of our building. Ample bike parking, bbq'ing, beer opening, break taking. We are so happy.

We love our new place, and hope that you will come visit us and our wonderful town.

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AES is soon.

We are proud to be exhibiting at the upcoming 133rd Audio Engineering Society Convention in San Francisco, October 27-29. This is a great time of year for us: we get to make new friends, see and catch up with old ones, enjoy a lovely city in the autumn, eat nice meals and show something NEW. Which we are bringing and showing and will be nothing short of awesome. So please join us in San Francisco if you can, its going to be a great show.

We are able to give out free VIP passes for the exhibition:

AES Exhibit VIP Badges, courtesy of Grace Design

See you there, and thanks for reading.

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Grace Design was established in 1994 and is a leading manufacturer of world-class hardware for the professional audio industry. Grace Design’s mission is to provide audio professionals with exceptionally engineered and built products coupled with best-in-class customer service. The product line currently consists of the m801, m802, m802RCU, m201, m101, m501, m103 microphone preamps, m102 and m502 compressors, the m903 reference headphone amplifier, the m906 reference monitoring systems, and the Spacebar precision microphone positioners. The company’s customers include audio professionals in the music, film, television, live sound, education and corporate markets.

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